“Hollinwell represents a superb example of sustainable golf. It has aligned its golfing experience to get the very best from the sport by being challenged and rewarded by a high quality naturalised course that supports a wide range of key habitats, species and landscape features. The quality and operation of the facilities and its expert course management team mirror this. I look forward to seeing the evolution of its ongoing plans for further sustainability measures and conservation success.”

Matt Johns, GEO accredited Independent Verifier

“Hollinwell is one of the premier nature conservation sites within the UK, it is every bit a nature reserve as it is a golf course.”

Bob Taylor, STRI Ecologist and GEO Accreditor

Geo Certified

At Hollinwell we are very proud to be one of only a small proportion that have achieved Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) Certification for high standards of nature conservation and environmental sustainability.

Since the turn of the century, we have worked closely with the Sherwood Forest Trust, Natural England, the Heathland Trust, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and various other bodies and consultants on a scheme of Heathland Restoration. This has involved tree removal, bracken and gorse control as well as heather regeneration to enhance the existing heathland mosaic and improve the habitat for wildlife.

Not only has wildlife benefitted from this wide ranging project, but so has the golf course and the golfers who play over it. The playing surfaces are now returning to bents and fescues that provide the classic firm and fast conditions for the running or ground game, all requiring minimal watering and artificial applications.


Conservation Greenkeeper of the Year 2019
Hollinwell Course Manager Phil Stain

We also monitor our entire supply chain to the golf club for its environmental ethics, impacts and minimising our water and energy consumption. This is all assisted by our biomass boiler that heats the clubhouse. As a heathland golf course, the environment is our key asset and we are lucky to have over 300 acres of land within which the golf course itself takes up only a small percentage. As such wildlife can thrive, providing a wonderful backdrop to a round of golf.

Native species noted around the course include buzzards, kestrels, hares and deer as well as many species of smaller birds, insects and fungus. The keener eye or ear will also be aware of grass snakes, woodlark and watervoles. It is even possible to spot sand martins during the summer breeding season who have been encouraged to nest in a large quarry and which featured on Springwatch on BBC several years ago.

And finally, as our GEO Accreditor notes we are “every bit a nature reserve as a golf course”.

Further details of our GEO Certification and the GEO Verifiers report can be find here.

Golf and Nature - A Sustainable Partnership

Hollinwell recently featured on film with the R&A following our efforts to maintain and promote biodiversity.

Golf is good for nature, providing natural value, and helping to conserve and protect species and landscapes. 
Golf Course 2030 aims to demonstrating the valuable role golf courses have in nature.



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