Heathland Management


Bare ground and sand waste areas occur naturally on heathland, and research has shown that they were once common place across the course.

At Hollinwell we’ve been working with various environmental organisations for over 20 years, and part of the work we do is to develop the natural heathland mosaic, sand waste areas are very much part of that mosaic.

In the past the scrapes have been developed out of play and have been quite bland, however, the recent work on the 5th has been slightly different. while still fulfilling the requirements of our environmental stewardship, and allowing us to obtain funding,  it’s also been tailored to help reduce long-term maintenance.

  • The feature adds interest to what was a very bland carry
  • It gave us an opportunity to remove gorse and Yorkshire fog, both species undesirable for heathland and golf.
  • It eliminated all long-term maintenance problems associated with the above species, including the use of various chemicals now withdrawn.
  • The three dimensional design provides excellent habitat for insects and reptiles, with the sand uplifts of particular interest.
  • It helps us to maintain our high standing with both local and national environmental bodies, Natural England in particular.
  • It enables us to fulfil our commitment to produce between 1% and 10% of bare ground annually (Environmental stewardship scheme)

The work on our Par 3 5th is a great example of how our environmental advisors and golf course architects can work together for both the good of the club, and also nature.


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