Dress Code & Etiquette

We kindly ask all golfers to comply with the Clubs policies widely known throughout the golfing world.

On The Course Dress Code

Normal golfing attire is acceptable on the course and in the clubhouse however denim jeans, collarless shirts, flip flops or barefoot are not considered acceptable. Tailored shorts may be worn on the course however, they should be above the knee and worn with white socks only. Long socks and low silhouette socks may also be worn, Cargo shorts and other shorts with exterior pockets are not considered acceptable.

In The Clubhouse Dress Code

Normal golfing attire, smart casual wear and business attire are acceptable in the clubhouse. Hats, caps, waterproofs, denim jeans, collarless shirts, flip flops, trainers or barefoot are not considered acceptable.

A jacket, shirt and tie or cravat, or roll neck shirt must be worn at all times in the upstairs Dining Room. Shorts are not considered acceptable in the upstairs Dining Rooms however tailored shorts with slip on boat shoes, without socks may be worn in the downstairs Bars and Lounges.

Golf shoes may be worn in the Spike Bar and Terrace Bar however they are not permitted in the Lounges or upstairs Dining Rooms.


Enjoy your golf at Hollinwell and ensure fellow golfers do too by showing due respect to our championship course, clubhouse and to other golfers and following the traditional etiquette standards of the golfing world:

  • Speed of play always remains a thorny issue in modern golf. Please attempt to keep up with the game ahead, and if you fall behind, please make suitable efforts to pick up the pace of play to close this gap. If there is a faster moving group behind, and space, ahead please do let this group through.
  • Please make the effort to repair all pitch marks correctly. Except after rain, Hollinwell's greens will be quite firm so the mark may not be fully apparent; please try to locate and repair accordingly.
  • Please rake all bunkers and leave them in a condition you would hope to play from.
  • Please replace all divots.
  • Dogs are not permitted on any part of the Club’s property.

Hollinwell eight point guide maintaining the correct pace of play:

  • When errant, watch the ball very carefully identifying a reference for line to assist with the search process.
  • When errant, take a provisional ball, in case the search is unsuccessful.
  • Walk at a good pace between shots.
  • Be ready to play when it’s your turn
  • Line up putts in advance of your turn when possible (without, of course, distracting playing partners)
  • Leave golf bags around the green in the correct place to move to the next tee, never at the front of a green.
  • Mark scorecards without undue delay
  • If unable to score in a stableford event, please pick up your ball.

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